Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost done with backgrounds

Wooo, update.

Only one background left!

Yellow wall
Jewelry box 1 (Reaching for ring)
Sink basin
Profile sink, with and without X-ray vision
Inside hamster cage
Outside hamster cage
Edge of sink counter
Sink drain opening
X-ray vision sink pipes
Jewelry box 2 (Hamster height)

Cool. Then when I'm done with that there's only doing the girl puppets for the opening scene aaand the hamster and cockroach puppets for the last scene.

The actual animation of this thing shouldn't be too hard. I'm going to animate the string around the hamster in flash rather than try and make some weird string puppet because that would be really hard. And animating a line is not that hard.

So I definitely anticipate being finished with the puppets by the end of this week, which leaves the next week open for animation. There may yet be an all-nighter in there somewhere but I'm pretty comfortable with the remaining time.

So yeah. Gonna finish that last background in class today.

EDIT: Finished the final scene hamster puppets! Took forever, too. There is only one more hamster puppet. Then I have to make the roach puppets (3), and then the girl puppets (there's about 8, I think.) It took 2 hours to make 6 hamster puppets. The roach is going to be easy. The girl... I'm not really sure. I'll say 10 hours of puppet-making left just to be safe.

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