Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final Post for Digital Cel

Well, it's the last day of Digital Cel! That was an interesting ride, I loved seeing everyone's blogs progress and the final films I've seen so far are fantastic.

I'm overall fairly pleased with my final film. If I was to change it, I maybe would have tried to do a film with straight animation rather than the cut-out style, but doing that would require simpler character designs and probably a whole lot more time! (Or I would have to be Chris St. Clair, that guy is insane! :P) Anyway, I think the goals I set for myself were pretty realistic and the outcome was pretty much as I expected.

And now I know how to use Flash, woo hoo!


Stephanie said...

Nice job, especially with the hamster. You had a simple, clear story, and I think you got your point across well.

Chris St. Clair said...

omigosh, i just read this! THANK YOU! <3