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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Character T-Poses

Next step: Begin making the models!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Here is the animatic for my senior film!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pitch poster and Character sheets

Here is the pitch poster!

And character sheets.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog Re-vamp: Digital Cel to SENIOR PROJECT

I am commandeering this blog. It used to be for Digital Cel but now it is for SENIOR PROJECT. Quick background;
I am a rising senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Animation. In this blog I will document my progress during the making of my senior film.

My senior film is called
!Aliens from Outer! !SPACE!
It is a cinematic re-telling of a story I wrote in third grade. You can read that story here, complete with original illustrations! Here's the synopsis:
"A young girl is walking down the street when she is abducted by aliens, 'a slug-looking one, and a bird-looking one, and a carrot-looking one.' She causes their ship to blast off into space and crash land on the aliens’ planet. The aliens are forced to find repair aliens to fix their ship and eventually take the girl back to her home."

And here's the script. The italics are directly from the third-grade story and represent the narration that will be playing over those shots.

SEQUENCE: Abduction
The location is the sidewalk and front yard outside of a suburban house.

1. Long shot
One day I was walking down the street, and looked up
The protagonist, a young girl, strolls down the sidewalk in front of her house. She looks up at the sky and sees something.

2. Long shot
I saw a U.F.O! It landed and… ALIENS!!!
A flying saucer lowers and lands. The door opens and three shadowy figures stand in the doorway. They teleport to stand as ominous silhouettes in front of the girl.

3. Medium shot, high angle
The girl, shadowed by the three aliens, looks up towards them.

4. Medium shot, Girl’s POV
There were three tall looking Aliens. A slug looking one and a bird looking one, and a carrot looking one.
The girl looks at each alien in turn. They are no longer silhouettes and are identified as Slug, Bird, and Carrot.
They all said “Hi” and carried me to their ship.
After landing on the Carrot, PAN OUT as he leans down to fill the frame and eyes the girl skeptically.

5. Long shot
The three aliens are silhouetted against the background. All three of them run up the ramp to the UFO. Carrot is holding Girl under his arm.

SEQUENCE: Inside the ship
The location is the interior of the spaceship. There are many buttons, dials and knobs on panels around the circular interior. There are brightly lit windows in every direction. The exterior is space, dark with childishly-drawn planets and stars flying by.

6. Medium shot
Carrot’s boots come into frame. Behind them, the door of the UFO slides shut and the light from outside is replaced by glowing lights from the walls. Carrot leans down and places Girl on the floor.

7. Long shot, Girl’s POV
Inside there where all sorts of controls. There was a red button at the drivers seat, on it, it said ‘Launch’!
The interior of the UFO is full of buttons, dials and knobs. The camera follows the girl’s eyes as they dart around the interior. The girl focuses in on a comically large red button labeled “Launch” at the end of the series of panels.

8. Medium shot, low angle
I pressed it, and we started to go up.
The girl presses the button.

9. Medium shot
Bird and Carrot are discussing something over a screen on one of the panels. The ship begins to rumble and Carrot looks up suspiciously.

10. Close-up
the captian said “what’s going on here??
The captain says “What’s going on here?” (lip-synced to narration). He does a take and looks, shocked, towards the camera. The camera moves around his head and pans out to reveal…

11. Medium shot
He looked out the window and, we were in SPACE!
The window shows Earth rapidly disappearing from view. The stars quickly change from normal points of light to childishly drawn stars in a myriad of colors. Carrot has his back to the camera. Girl looks up at him from where she stands at the Launch button and grins.

12. Long shot
It was so weird! I was with a bunch of aliens in space!
The ship flies through space.

SEQUENCE: On Hill Planet
The location is outside the spaceship on surface of the aliens’ planet, which is very bumpy.

13. Long shot
We acidently crash-landed on there planet.
The ship, with comic brevity, crashes onto the surface of a planet.
We got out and
The door of the UFO opens and the three aliens and the girl exit the ship. The aliens look woozy and disoriented, but the girl skips happily.

14. Medium shot
the captian said “we’ll have to get repair aleins.”
The captain looks at the crashed UFO, shakes his head, and says (lip-synced to the narration), “We’ll have to get repair aliens.”

15. Long shot
There planet was called Hill Planet. It was very bumpy! I went up and down, up and down.
The girl walks away from the UFO with the three aliens inspecting the wreckage in the background.

16. Long shot
The girl walks on the bumps and dips of Hill Planet.

17. Medium shot
But then I started to cry! My tear drops turned into ice cubes.
The girl walks on camera and stops. She begins to cry. Her tear drops turn into ice cubes for some reason. She runs towards the UFO.

18. Medium shot
The captain does a face-palm and turns around from inspecting the UFO. He raises his arms to ask “What do you want?”

19. Medium shot, high angle (Carrot’s POV)
They asked was wrong I said “I WANT TO GO HOME!”
The girl yells I WANT TO GO HOME, lip-synced to narration.

20. Medium shot, Girl’s POV
Well, you can’t go now you see we have to get repair aleins.
The captain folds his arms with solidarity and shakes his head. “Well, you can’t go now; you see, we have to get repair aliens.” (Lip-synced to narration)

21. Close-up, Carrot’s POV
Well get them! I said.
“Well get them!” retorts the girl.

22. Medium shot
Ok, I will! He said.
“Ok, I will!” the captain says, his solidarity breaking. He clenches his fists in frustration and storms off frame.

23. Close-up
Then he ran to a reipar place.
The girl grins in triumph.

24. Medium shot
Then he ran back with two reiper aliens. I was so glad! I was going home!
The captain walks on screen and stops in the middle of the frame to gesture to the two repair aliens that continue towards the UFO. He raises his eyebrows as if to say, “See? I got them.” The girl claps and hugs the carrot’s leg.

SEQUENCE: Return to Earth
The interior of the spaceship again, followed by the roof of the suburban house.

25. Medium shot
I got on the ship and pressed the button.
The captain presses some buttons next to the launch button while the girl watches.

26. Medium shot, reverse of last shot
He is about to press the button when he notices the girl and gestures for her to do it.

27. Close-up
The girl presses the button happily.

28. Long shot
We went strait to earth.
The ship flies through space.

29. Medium shot, pan out to Long shot
I ran home. I almost fell off the roof, because they landed there.
The girl exits the open door of the UFO and skips forward, but stops suddenly and is about to fall forward, her arms waving in circles to keep her balance. She is on the edge of the roof.

30. Medium shot
I said how am I supposed to get down from here?
Girl turns around and asks the aliens in the doorway of the UFO, “How am I supposed to get down from here?”

31. Medium shot
The three aliens are at the door of the UFO. Carrot points to the right off-frame.

32. Long shot
The girl looks towards where Carrot pointed, grins, and starts to walk in that direction. In the background, the UFO begins to take off.
Luckiley my dad left a ladder.

33. Medium shot
I got down and wacthed them leave. I had a great time. I was sad that it ended and this is the end of this story, Boo Hoo!
The girl steps off the bottom of the ladder and looks up at the UFO as it flies higher into the sky. She waves, and it disappears.