Monday, March 23, 2009


I am Cat Brooks, although my given name is Anna Brooks, which is a source of some annoyance. Mostly it comes up when attempting to correct professors taking roll. (How did she get "Cat" from "Anna"? Is she just making up words? She doesn't look like a "Cat" to me.)
It is a dilemma, but not really a big one, so I'll stop talking about it. (For the record, my middle name is "Catherine". I never went by my first name growing up.)

I live in Nashville, Tennessee when I'm not living in Savannah attending SCAD. I have two cats and two siblings and I love to watch movies, read books, fly kites, play games, draw things, fly kites, eat pineapple and do stuff. My favorite color is orange, usually. Different colors have tried to convince me otherwise in the past, and, being a generally amiable person, I sometimes hear them out.

I love animation of all sorts, and love looking at art of any kind: film, paintings, sculpture, etc. My own art has up until quite recently featured primarily animals because I felt and still feel very low confidence in my ability to portray the human form and face. I am working very hard at rectifying that.

My art gallery online is

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Chris St. Clair said...

man, I feel your pain! I drew almost exclusively animals until... basically last year. I refused to draw the human face because what I drew turned out looking nothing like what I had in my head.

Although people have attempted to convince me otherwise, I still maintain that my 'people faces' are pretty horrid. Ah, well! We all live and learn. :)